Education and community are two of the core values that underlie the St. John Historical Society. For this reason we have worked with the local schools and have major plans to establish an educational outreach program targeted toward the youth of St. John.

The goal is to work with educators to design a series of classroom programs, field trips, and activities that showcase the island’s rich history.  This program is in its infancy at this point.  Members of the SJHS Board have reached out to all of the local schools to hear their areas of interest, and are now working on the development of a program to meet their educational needs.

Students on St. John are required to fulfill 100 hours of community service before graduation.  The SJHS also provides opportunities for volunteering that also teach students about the history of their home.

As we develop the education program we are focusing on the needs of each grade level.  It is there that we will start a base and build upon it each successive year. One of our Board Advisors is working with the teachers to better understand the interest and comprehension of each grade level.  We plan to offer workshops in the classroom along with field trips to historical destinations.

Some of our recent interactions with the local school children of St. John include:

  • One of our Board members, a docent at Annaberg Sugar Mill, provided a two-hour guided tour of the Sugar Mill for a group of ninth grade students.
  • We assisted two classrooms in gathering and sharing information on the Tiano Indians.
  • A Board member is presenting the concepts of an archeological dig to a group of third graders.
  • We organized a clean up day at the Annaberg School ruins along with historical interpretation and invited students to join us for volunteer credits.