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St. John is the most peaceful, smallest and most rural of the U.S. Virgin Islands–which consist of St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas.  These islands formerly known as the Danish West Indies were owned by Denmark, but in 1917 were acquired by the United States.

Visitors come to St. John to experience a relaxing and therapeutic vacation, beautiful natural scenery, and friendly people.  The main attractions of St. John are its rugged mountainous terrain for hiking, its beautiful, world-class beaches—with its crystal clear waters, and its year-round moderate climate.  The waters of St. John—and its close proximity to the British Virgin Islands, make it a boaters and sailors paradise.

Visitors to St. John will also be interested in the “Virgin Islands National Park.”  St. John consists of approximately 12,800 acres, of which 9,485 acres are within the bounds of the National Park. Much of the water surrounding St. John is also a protected area and is part of “Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument” consisting of some 12,708 acres of submerged lands. Snorkeling to experience the spectacular coral reefs is a favorite pastime on St. John.

The National Park system consists of some 401 units throughout the United States.  This includes all areas designated as national parks and most national monuments, as well as several other types of protected areas of the United States.  However, of these 401 units, only 59 are designated as a “National Park” –a title reserved for the best of- the-best.  The Virgin Islands National Park was established in 1956 and is only the 29th park in our nation to carry this prestigious designation.

The Virgin Islands National Park website is:


There are two hotels on the island, the Weston and Caneel Bay, both beautiful and exclusive.  We also have a National Park campground, Cinnamon Bay, and there are numerous villa’s (private homes) for rent.