Board of Directors

Article IV of the Society’s Bylaws provides that there shall be seven (7) officers and four (4) representatives who comprise the Board of Directors of the Society. The Bylaws also provide that the board shall be elected by the membership. The officer’s positions consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Archivist/Alternate Secretary, Historian and Media Chair.

For the fiscal year beginning November 1, 2018, our board consists of the following:

01. Lonnie Willis

Lonnie was born in Brooklyn and brought up in Long Island. She received a B.A. degree in American Studies with a minor in Social Work from the University of Buffalo, as well as studying Folklore and Folklife at the University of Pennsylvania. She and her husband and two young children came to St. John in 1975 as the new owners of the St. John Car...

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Beverly Biziewski
Archivist / Alt. Secretary

A resident of St. John over 40 years, Beverly retired from nursing for a new career of volunteerism. Active in numerous island groups which include Lioness, BPW, AARP, The Nazareth Lutheran Church, The Audubon Society and the Fish Bay Owners’ Association, she included the Historical Society of St. John some 29 years ago. In each of these organizations, she has been a guiding force. This...

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Carla M. Sewer

Ms. Sewer is a native St. Johnian. Her family has been on St. John for centuries and her ancestry pre-dates that of Columbus. Her family is part of one of the three major families on St. John, Sprauve and Samuel, to name a few. Ms. Sewer continues carrying the torch, which has been handed to her by her ancestors. This torch manifested itself in her...

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Kathy Hilliard

Kathy Hilliard moved from St Thomas to St John in 1979 to work on the restoration of the historic building that is now the Elaine Sprauve Library. She served as the Head of Pine Peace School from 1981 until 1994 overseeing the growth of the Gifft Hill campus, student population and initial accreditation. The family residence on Gifft Hill is considered home by her children...

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Larry Wilson

Larry Wilson and his wife Joan became permanent residents of St. John upon buying their woodland home in the ridgetop forest of Bordeaux Mountain in June of 2011. They had first come to St. John exploring possible Caribbean locations for their retirement home, in 2003. Beginning with their 3rd visit in 2007, they stayed in the Coral Bay Quarter for 12 months over 4 years...

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Margaret Labrenz

Margaret (Margie) Labrenz, and her late husband Jim, relocated to St. John in 1977.  Their real estate company, Cruz Bay Realty, was established in 1985, and continues as a family business with Margie and her daughter Gretchen. Margie served as President of the Society for four years, Treasurer, and Vice President.  During her years as an officer she worked to increase the membership of the...

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Michael Sheen

Mike came to the Virgin Islands in 1967. He taught scuba diving in Red Hook for several years and then became involved in a saturation diving project in Puerto Rico for two years as the science program coordinator. For the last 35 years, he has owned and operated a fiberglass repair facility in St. Thomas. He has been a Board member of the St. Thomas...

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Pam Richards-Samuel

Pamela R. Samuel has served as Commissioner of Tourism of the Virgin Islands Government; Executive Director of the 29th Legislature of the Virgin Islands; and most recently as the Interim Chief of Staff for President David Hall, University of the Virgin Islands. As Community Service is very important to her, she also serves on the board of Directors of both the Agriculture and Food Fair...

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Rafe Boulon

Rafe is a St. Johnian whose family owned Trunk Bay from 1927 to 1957 when they sold it to the National Park Service. Windswept Beach remains in the family. He has a Bachelors Degree in Marine and Environmental Science from the College of the Virgin Islands and a Master’s Degree in Biological Oceanography from the University of Puerto Rico. He worked for 18 years at...

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Weldon Wasson

I was born in Oakland, CA, went to school there, married Ellie in 1978 and honeymooned in the Virgin Islands where we fell in love with St. John. We purchased an apartment on St. John in 1980 and a home in 1997. I co-founded a temporary IT staffing business in San Francisco and sold the business in 1996. I stayed on for three years during...

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Board Advisors

Further, the board has, from time-to-time, found it desirable to appoint Board Advisors in order to ensure continuity and stability of the Society. This year we are pleased to include as advisors the following:

Dr. George F. Tyson

George is a historian, who is widely recognized as a leading authority on Virgin Islands history. Currently a resident of St. Croix, he has taught at the University of the Virgin Islands, served as Executive Director of the St. Croix Landmarks Society and is past-President of the Society of Virgin Islands Historians. He has served as a consultant to UNESCO, the Organization of American States...

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Eleanor Gibney

A Virgin Islander and lifelong resident of St John’s north shore, Eleanor worked for Caneel Bay from 1979 to 1995, resigning from her position as Caneel’s Chief Horticulturist to raise her family. She is an expert on the indigenous and cultivated plants of the Virgin Islands, and the author of “A Field Guide to the Native Trees and Plants of East End, St. John.” Eleanor...

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Elroy Sprauve

Mr. Elroy Sprauve was born and raised on St. John. His childhood home was on Cruz Bay beach. He attended Bethany School, and graduated from Charlotte Amalie HS. His father, Julius E. Sprauve, was the first elected Senator from St. John. Upon receiving his degree in Spanish and English from Thiel College in Greenville, PA., Mr. Elroy returned to the Virgin Islands and taught at ...

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Robin Swank

Armed with a college degree in Anthropology and Masters in Education, Robin proceeded to work in New York’s social services delivery system, Head Start, corporate risk management, banking and credit card services, and international funds custody and securities lending. A few cultural anthropology studies (e.g. impact of retirement on the sense of self, the use of cannabis in Jamaica, WI), were conducted along the way. ...

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