Ladies’ Storytelling at Bethany Church Hall, November 10, 2009

“There is no gift so small that it cannot be given.” This is the sentiment that rang out clearly from the Ladies’ Storytelling at the Society’s November 10th Membership meeting. I am very grateful to the articulate and engaging Storytellers; as we enter the holiday season (many of us with less holiday in our season due to the economy), they reminded me that having only what you need, and sharing it with others creates happiness. Beverly Biziewski, our capable Vice President, masterminded the Ladies’ Storytelling evening, and we are hoping it will become an annual kickoff event. Andromeada Keating Childs (Board Member Emeritus) was the gracious moderator. Andro, Edna O’Connor Freeman, Naomi O’Connor Varlack, Alice Rhymer O’Connor, Eulita Hansby Jacobs, Shirley Frazier Sewer, and Yvonne Hodge Wells told about living on St John in the middle decades of 1900—living in a smaller place with fewer people, no doctors and no automobiles; walking to a smaller school where teachers ruled with rulers and strict discipline; being mostly self–sufficient for food and for getting all the chores done; and enjoying the little things that made their upbringing on St John so unique. The full audio recording of the Storytelling and pictures of the Storytellers is posted here for your personal listening enjoyment, due to Bill Stelzer’s professional recording and photography, and to Peter Burgess’ web mastery. Please give it a listen!


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The Storytellers

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Image of Shirley Sewer Shirley Sewer
Image of Edna Freeman Edna Freeman
Image of Eulita Jacobs Eulita Jacobs
Image of Alice O’Connor Alice O’Connor
Image of Yvonne Wells Yvonne Wells
Image of Naomi Varlack Naomi Varlack
Image of Andromeada Childs Andromeada Childs

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Robin Swank

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