Proposed Bylaws Revisions

Periodically the board of directors reviews and updates the Bylaws of the St John Historical Society to better reflect the needs of the growing organization. This was last done in 2011 and adopted in January 2012. At the October 3rd board meeting, the board approved with amendments a set of changes and additions proposed by a subcommittee of the board.

The board proposes the following changes to its Bylaws and plans to present them for membership approval at the December regular meeting, scheduled for December 9, 2014.  In summary, the changes address the following.

1. Article II, Section 2)                                                                    Insertions indicated in bold.

To support and encourage the study, preservation, and protection of objects, structures, traditions, and features of historic, cultural, or archeological value to the island of St. John.

2. Article II, Section 4)                                                                   Add a comma.

 To encourage, assist, and support the development of historical and cultural heritage programs and events in cooperation with local museums, libraries, schools and other public and private groups or institutions.

3. Article II, Section 5)                                                                   Insertion indicated in bold.

To act in cooperation with the Virgin Islands National Park as well as other historical, cultural and archaeological institutions or organizations to further the Society’s purpose and objectives.

4. Article III, Membership Section 2, Subsection B                Insert new Subsection.

 Tiered memberships based on giving levels may be established at the discretion of the Board on an annual basis.  

5. Article III, Section 2, Subsection C                                        Insertion indicated in bold.

Honorary (yearly, may be renewed) based on giving levels may be established at the discretion of the Board on an annual basis.  

6. Article III, Membership Section 2, Subsection C               Re-number Subsection.

Student (with valid student ID) – Free upon application

7. Article III, Membership Section 2, Subsection D               Now Board decision only.

Honorary (may be renewed annually) – Upon a majority vote of the Board of Directors at any Board meeting

8. Article III, Membership Section 2, Subsection E               New Subsection.

Life – Life memberships will be honored by The Society, but no new Life memberships will be granted.

9. Article IV, Section 1 )                                                                 Delete last sentence

10. Article V, Section 1, Subsection C                                       Change position title.

Corporate and Recording Secretary

11. Article V, Section 2, Subsection B                                       Change wording for clarification.

Vice President: To act in the president’s behalf in the absence of the president on the president’s behalf and, when called upon, to assist the president in the general duties of the office.

12. Article V, Section 2, Subsection C                                      Adjustments to duties, as stated.

Corporate and Recording Secretary: To record the minutes of all meetings of the membership and Board of Directors; to, after approval of the president, distribute the minutes of board meetings to the Board of Directors for approval and, periodically (monthly) during the regular meeting season, November – April) summarize presentations at the monthly meetings of the membership for inclusion in the Society’s newsletter. Also, to work closely with the treasurer to maintain up-to-date membership and mailing lists, copies of which will be periodically forwarded to the newsletter editor. To assist the president and media chair in the editing and distribution of Society correspondence and publications. To maintain corporate governance documents.

13. Article V, Section 2, Subsection E                                                Insertions indicated in bold.

Treasurer: To oversee, account for, and protect the financial interests of the Society and to ensure the timely collection of all duties and donations; to present up-to-date, summarized financial reports at all regularly scheduled meetings of the Board and Membership; and, to annually prepare a detailed analysis of the Society’s financial accounts. Also, in cooperation with the secretary, to maintain the Society’s mailing and membership lists.

14. Article V, Section 2, Subsection F                                            Change wording and deletion.

Historian: To advise the Board and Membership and to promote a greater understanding of the history and cultural heritage of St. John. The position of historian should be held by a respected elder of the St. Johnian community.

15. Article V, Section 2, Subsection G                                            Insertion indicated in bold.

Media Chairperson: To oversee the production, publication, and disbursal of the Society’s newsletter and other publishing and printing projects on behalf of the Society.

16. Article VI, Section 4                                                                    Wording change indicated in bold.

In the event that any representative to the Board of Directors cannot regularly attend board meetings, the President may appoint a non-voting alternate on a temporary basis.

17. Article VII, Section 1                                                                     Increase amount.

Expenditures and disbursements up to $1,000.00 may be approved by the president, or in his/her absence by the vice president.

18. Article VII, Section 2                                                                   Increase amounts.

All expenditures of more than $1,000.00 up to $5,000.00 must be approved in advance by a majority of the members of the Board of Directors.

19. Article VII, Section 3                                                                  New approval procedures.

Amounts of more than $5,000.00 must be approved in advance by a majority of the members of the Board of Directors and reported to the members via the Society’s newsletter.

20. Article VII, Section 4                                                                   Renumber, deletion and substitution as shown.

All checks are to be held by the treasurer or by another an officer other than the president in the treasurer’s absence.

21. Article VII, Section 5                                                                      Renumbered

The treasurer shall require a written request and itemization of the funds required before issuing a check.

21. Article VII, Section 6                                                                     Renumbered, insertions in bold.

All checks shall be signed by the president, the vice president, or the secretary in the president’s absence.

23. Article VIII, Section 2, Subsection B.                                        Add Subsection.

The Nominating Committee will also seek nominations from membership via the Society’s newsletter no later than January of each year.

24. Article VIII, Section 2, Subsection C                                         As indicated.

The nominating committee’s proposed slate (informed by nominations from the membership, but not bound by them) will be presented to the membership at the March meeting.

25. Article IX, Section 2                                                                  Add wording for clarification.

Special meetings of the membership may be called by the Board of Directors, or by a petition to the Board signed by no less than fifteen (15) members of the Society.

26. Article XII, Amendments                                                          Notification clarification.

Amendments to the Society’s Bylaws shall be made by a majority vote of those members present at any regular meeting, provided that the general membership has been notified by mail no less than three weeks in advance of a vote on the proposed changes.

27. Article XIII, Parliamentary Procedure 3)                              Insertion indicated in bold.

A quorum for the Board of Directors, an advisory board, or other standing or temporary committees, shall consist of a majority of the named members — although in an emergency approval for an action may be obtained by telephone or email from the majority of those named.

You may click here to review these changes in the full context of the Bylaws.  Proposed changes are highlighted and shown in red with proposed additions underlined and proposed deletion crossed out.



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