Oct 2014

Proposed Bylaws Revisions

Periodically the board of directors reviews and updates the Bylaws of the St John Historical Society to better reflect the needs of the growing organization. This was last done in 2011 and adopted in January 2012. At the October 3rd board meeting, the board approved with amendments a set of changes and additions proposed by a subcommittee of the board. The board proposes the following changes to its…

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Aug 2014

About our New Watermark and Logo

Over the years, the St. John Historical Society has become aware of an increasing demand placed on the wealth of images that the society has accumulated and posted on its website. Some of this material is in the public domain, some is on permanent loan to the society with unlimited or limited use permission, while still others are owned outright by the society. Regardless, the…

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Aug 2014

More on the Archaeological Dig at the Bellevue Estate

Last week, we posted a link to the Tradewinds article on the initial archaeological survey work being undertaken at Bellevue, along with some important  background information as to the Historical Society and the St. John Community Foundation’s  objectives.  That posting can be viewed here.   On August 3rd, Tradewinds provided a follow-up to the initial reporting and we link that latest  article here. Further Background While Alan Armstrong’s work this summer was…

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Jul 2014

A New Look for the Society Website

With technology opening so many new doors, there has never been a better time for history to be shared throughout the world. The St. John Historical Society Board of Directors is pleased and excited to announce the launch of our new website, complete with a blog, media library, online store, newsletter sign-up, links to our YouTube, SlideShare, and Facebook accounts, and more.  We may be…

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Jul 2014

Archaeologists Dig into Bellevue Estate History

Background… On March 28, 2013, the St. John Historical Society entered into a 99 year lease agreement with the St. John Community Foundation for a small parcel of land on the Bellevue Estate, off Gift Hill Road, on St. John.   The parcel being leased is part of a larger piece of the land gifted to the Foundation by Reliance Housing, largely because of the important…

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Apr 2014

President’s Message

It was wonderful to see so many of our members and their guests at our 40th Anniversary Party at the Battery on March 11! Obviously, the most exciting thing to happen at the party (not counting the unusual March downpour during the movie which ended our party a little prematurely), was our announcement of an anonymous contribution of $100,000 toward our building fund! (Read the…

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Mar 2014

Memorandum on $100K Donation

(The following is a note received by the Society announcing a $100,000 donation.) For 40 years, the St. John Historical Society has been meticulously documenting, preserving, and sharing the history and cultural heritage of St. John. Through its collections, publications, media, educational programs, meetings, field trips, special events and more, the Historical Society has been, and continues to be, the leading resource for discovering this…

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