Memorandum on $100K Donation

(The following is a note received by the Society announcing a $100,000 donation.)

For 40 years, the St. John Historical Society has been meticulously documenting, preserving, and sharing the history and cultural heritage of St. John. Through its collections, publications, media, educational programs, meetings, field trips, special events and more, the Historical Society has been, and continues to be, the leading resource for discovering this very special island. 

A dedicated volunteer board has made the accomplishments and stability of this organization possible. Their efforts have helped to promote a sense of identity, place, and pride in St. John. Much of their work has also served to increase curiosity and interest in St. John. The accomplishments and continued vitality of the St. John Historical Society are surely something to celebrate.

With the current board and its advisors in place, the time has come to take the Historical Society’s contribution to the local community to a whole new level. A new home for our history is in our future. The vision for this home, the St. John Cultural and Historical Resource Center, includes a climate-controlled archive and museum/exhibit area, as well as meeting space and room for future expansion. In addition to this, the beginnings of an education program for the youth of this island is well underway. There are also plans for significant and important archeological survey work to be undertaken on the historic Bellevue property. Additionally, there are exciting revelations to be found through further genealogical research.

We know that hard work and dedication are needed to make these plans come alive, and have no doubt that the Historical Society’s Board is willing to put forth this effort. We also know that funding is important to the success of the future plans. In commemoration of the Society’s 40th anniversary, and to encourage continued efforts to fulfill its mission through the programs enumerated in the prior paragraph, we are proud and pleased to provide a contribution of $100,000.

It is a pleasure to provide this donation to an organization whose purpose is to interpret, preserve, and share the history and heritage of an island we have grown to love. To ensure the Society’s continued success, and improve their ability to share the story of St. John in multiple and memorable ways, it is our hope that this contribution will encourage others in the community to also recognize and support the world-class efforts of this organization and its all-volunteer board. Congratulations and best wishes,

Name withheld upon request

Society Staff

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