President’s Message

It was wonderful to see so many of our members and their guests at our 40th Anniversary Party at the Battery on March 11! Obviously, the most exciting thing to happen at the party (not counting the unusual March downpour during the movie which ended our party a little prematurely), was our announcement of an anonymous contribution of $100,000 toward our building fund! (Read the memorandum included in this newsletter). That should definitely get us going on making the St. John Cultural and Historical Resource Center a reality! As board member Eleanor Gibney has observed “The society is honored by this wonderfully generous gift. Far beyond the immediate boost to the society and our building plans, it’s an investment in the future of St. John.” 

When I first became president last year, I asked one of the board members who was in charge of setting up events and board meetings. He answered, “It just miraculously happens.” Well, I found out who the miracle workers were, and they turned out to be Bev Biziewski and Margie Labrenz! These two people, whether on the board or off the board, put in an enormous amount of energy and time in making sure the venues are there when we need them, and all the items needed in place. I am so grateful for their efforts.

Robin Swank and her husband, Larry Boxerman, contributed the punch and aquavit for our gala and also for our Celebration of the St. John Market Basket event. They are always available when you need them. A great deal of thanks is due them.

Bruce Schoonover contributed the 15 minute retrospective slide show that we all enjoyed. Such a well-done job! Rafe Boulon videotaped the event with a camcorder made available from Aaron and Lisa Willis. Andrea Milam did our publicity, well-written articles that brought you all to the party. Thank you to the Audubon Society for lending us your screen. Pat Fisk ran around Cruz Bay with Margie and collected all the platters of food as well as called all the restaurants in advance so they wouldn’t forget they were contributing. Thanks Pat and Margie.

Board member George Tyson came over from St. Croix to introduce “Flight to Freedom: Hans Jonathan,” a film by Alex Frank Larsen. We will reschedule this for another time. We don’t want to miss it! We hope George will be able to give us that update he promised us!

The following people sponsored this event, and we want to thank them for their generous contributions: the Government of the Virgin Islands, the Department of Tourism, Administrator Leona Smith, Mary Fessale and the staff at the Battery, Carefree Getaways, St. John Properties, Catered To, St. John Hardware, Connections, Low Key Watersports, Caravan Gallery, La Tapa, and Morgan’s Mango. Restaurants that contributed to the wonderful food for the party were: Ronnie’s Pizza, Lime Inn, Fish Trap, Cruz Bay Landing, Ocean 362, Virgin Fire, The Terrace, Driftwood Davids, Da Livio, Premier Wines, Dolphin Gourmet and Starfish Market. Queen of Tarts made that beautiful and delicious cake. Members: please patronize these sponsors and mention that you are aware of their generous support for our organization.

The following people have been nominated to the board for the 2014-15 season to be voted on at the April meeting: Lonnie Willis, President; Pam Richards-Samuel, Vice President; Margie Labrenz, Treasurer; Michael Buchholz, Secretary; Rafe Boulon, Historian; Eleanor Gibney, Archivist and Alternate Secretary; Bruce Schoonover, Media Chair; and Representatives George Tyson, Diana Hall, Michael Sheen, and Elroy Sprauve.


Lonnie Willis, 

SJHS President, 2013-2014 

Lonnie Willis


  1. looking to get in touch with Larry Boxerman. I am old freind and will be traveling to St. Thomas in Decemebr and would love to look him up. Please let me know if you have any contact info ?

    Bob Hart

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